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Rex 'Sick to My Stomach' Over Seeing Revis in a Patriots Uniform.

Tomorrow night, the best cornerback to ever play for the Jets will line up against them as a rival.

Jim Rogash

Revis used to be one of Rex's favourite guys, mainly because it allowed Rex to call a number of defensive plays and a number of exotic blitzes. It allowed one half of the field to be accounted for while we developed different strategies for defending the other half. As a result, we had the #1 defense in 2009 and Revis quickly became the best corner in the league, put into the same conversation as the great Deion Sanders.

"A little sick to my stomach," Ryan said Tuesday, imagining how he will react.

Oh, man, I'm not going to go there," said Ryan, refusing to answer when asked if he wanted to bring back Revis. "Let's focus on the team right now in front of us, and recognize the guy is an excellent player and plays on someone else's team. That's the way it is."

According to Cimini in his ESPN article, several sources have hinted that Rex Ryan wanted to sign Revis when he was released by Tampa Bay, and Revis was open to returning to the Jets. However the Jets ownership and front office failed to muster any interest, likely due to the financial demands and the acrimonious way the two split. Remember it was John Idzik who dealt Revis to Tamp almost immediately after becoming the GM.

Rex was asked if he still considered Revis one of the best

If I say something, I'm going to get ripped," Ryan said. "Richard Sherman is going to attack me or something. I haven't seen everybody, but of the ones I see, I would think so."

I remember a day where Rex would just come out and say what he thought and not care about who was going to say what about him and how many lines of content positively or negatively he'd provide for the local and national media. I can hardly blame him for being restrained though, after all his football team is 1-5.

The Patriots deploy Revis in a similar role to the one he enjoyed in New York and although I think it's hard to argue he is the same player he was 5 years ago when he was constantly shutting down opposing teams #1 wide receivers, he's still a very effective player and would be head and shoulder our best corner if he were still in New York.

You get the impression Rex is a little frustrated and when you look at the situation in the secondary, it's easy to understand why, especially if he did speak up in favour of signing Revis to a new deal. I've always been on the 'no player is bigger than the team' bandwagon, so as a result I wasn't that sad to see him go after he held out for what seemed like the 10th time. However it sure would be good to have him back, although Revis or no Revis, we still wouldn't be competing for a championship.