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New York Jets Sign Cornerback Josh Thomas

With the news that Dee Milliner is done for the Season, the Jets have made a move to sign former Seahawk Josh Thomas.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets were and probably still are heading into their game in New England with Darrin Walls and Phillip Adams starting at cornerback. With any QB that's dangerous, but with Tom Brady finding his mojo recently, we may be in for a very long evening.

However the Jets have strengthened their secondary with the addition of Josh Thomas. I say strengthened in the sense that they have added more numbers to a depleted unit. Josh Thomas was a 5th round selection by the Dallas Cowboys in 2011, however he failed to make the roster and was waived at the start of September.

He was picked up by Carolina and started 10 games over the course of two seasons recording one interception last season. He allowed 17 receptions on 29 targets for 252 yards and one touchdown while recording one pass defense and one interception. In 2012 he allowed 32 receptions on 51 targets for 2 touchdowns while recording 6 pass defenses.

He was part of the final cuts by the Carolina Panthers this season and was quickly picked up by the Seattle Seahawks. According to Manish, the Jets have signed Thomas and Rex hinted today that he will see time immediately this Thursday against the patriots.