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Jets Anti-Game Ball: Week 6

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

For the fifth straight week we give out an anti-game ball.

As always, there are many contenders for the prize. This week I'll give it to an entire unit, the offensive line.

The Broncos seemed to be selling out to stop the run yesterday, but the guys up front got no push. There was little room for Chris Ivory to operate. This Jets team is going to have a very difficult time being successful if it cannot run the football. On top of issues run blocking, the Jets had problems in pass protection. Geno Smith found himself constantly under duress, not a good thing for a quarterback who does not handle pressure particularly well. The Jets lost the battle in the trenches, and it was a major reason they eventually lost the game.

My anti-game ball went to the offensive line. Who gets your anti-game ball for the Jets' fifth straight loss?