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Flag On The Play - Jets Disciplined, Still Lose

The Jets dropped to 1-5 on the season yesterday with a spirited effort against the Denver Broncos. However penalties were not the problem this week.

Ron Antonelli

The Jets played disciplined football against the Denver Broncos, only being called for 2 penalties (1 declined). However they still lost. Playing disciplined football helps a team but you need more than that to beat good teams in this league. Regardless, it was pleasing to see us not beat ourselves with silly mistakes. We lost because they have better players, it's as simple as that sometimes.

7- Geno Smith (Intentional Grounding) - Declined

91 - Sheldon Richardson - Unnecessary roughness - 4 Yards

98 - Quinton Coples - Neutral Zone Infraction - 5 Yards

Player Penalties Yards Cost In Total
Darrin Walls 3 56
Willie Colon 6 45
Sheldon Richardson
4 (1D) 44
Antonio Allen
3 (1D) 42
Nick Mangold 2 (1D) 30
Jason Babin 2 (1D) 30
Michael Vick 2 23
D'Brickashaw Ferguson 3 20
Muhammad Wilkerson 2 20
Salim Hakim 2 20
Quinton Coples
2 20
Brian Winters 2 19
Eric Decker
1 19
Breno Giacomini
3 15
David Nelson 2 15
Geno Smith
1 (D)
Chris Ivory 1 5
Ryan Quigley 1 5
Demario Davis 1 5
David Harris 1 5
Jets Defense 1 5
Jets Offense 1 5

I actually thought the Refs let a lot go on both sides. I saw several people calling them out for a bias towards Peyton and I can definitely see that with the delay of game etc, however it's the same in any sports, you earn some no-calls from the refs. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying that's a part of life. Peyton because of his prolonged success, probably gets away with a lot more than say Geno. Saying that, they did mess up the Decker completion. How they send that to the review booth and still get it wrong puzzles me. However NFL officials are notoriously bad, in fact football officials in general are bad.

Geno is the only new entry, although it was declined. Walls has still given up the most yardage and Colon is still the most penalized player on the team.