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New York Jets: The Rumor Mill

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start out by saying this. Over the coming weeks and months were are likely to hear many rumors about the state of the Jets. There will be talk about which person is staying, and which person is going. Some of these things will be contradictory. Most of it will be impossible to verify. Much of it is liable to change based on how much worse or better this season gets. Some of it will be false, and some will be produced by a source with an agenda looking to push a narrative.

With that in mind, here are some things Ian Rapoport tweeted today.


-If the part about the Jets bringing Rex back out of fear he would be successful elsewhere is true, this franchise's thinking is disturbingly reactive. You either think the coach is the right guy or you don't. If you don't, it doesn't matter whether he's successful elsewhere. Your job is to find the right guy. If you do, nobody will care about the other guy being successful elsewhere.

-If the Jets come to a conclusion they aren't bringing somebody back, it would be in their interest to make the move as soon as possible. That means in season. The reasoning is simple. They can get a head start on finding the new guy, particularly if their top choice isn't currently in the NFL right now. The Texans got their coach before many other teams had a chance last year because they made their move before the season ended.

-One report does not an endangered general manager make. Woody Johnson wasn't just expressing his confidence in Idzik recently. He was using language virtually identical to his general manager in explaining the state of the team. Could that change if a bad season leads to half-empty stands at the last three games? Sure. Would that be the right move? At this point I'm not sure I could argue. The only thing that cannot be an option is firing Idzik while retaining Rex Ryan. The Jets already forced Rex Ryan on a general manager last time. The perception created was Rex is in charge. If they fire a general manager after two years because he couldn't get Rex the right players, the perception will be that it was Rex's call. No quality candidate will come near Florham Park. Now if you get rid of both, this becomes a job where you can mold a franchise in your image. You will have a young elite defensive line to build around, a full collection of Draft picks, and an inordinate amount of cap space. That's a fairly attractive opening.