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Kellen Winslow II Charged With Synthetic Marijuana Possession

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Jets tight end Kellen Winslow II was charged with possession of a synthetic marijuana per the Daily Record.

New York Jets tight end Kellen B. Winslow Jr. has been charged by East Hanover Police with possession of Fubinaca, a synthetic form of cannabis or marijuana.

Township Detective Sgt. John Fox Jr. allegedly found Winslow in possession of the designer drug on Nov. 19 by the Target store on Route 10 but a criminal complaint charging the player with possession of the drug was not signed until Dec. 30.

Winslow is set to become a free agent. It is unclear how this will affect his status with the Jets going forward, but when coupled with his four game suspension during the season for a banned substance, it cannot help.

As always in criminal matters, all actions are alleged, and Winslow is innocent until proven guilty.

Below in the comments please keep them related to how this impacts Winslow and his status with the team. I know people have some very strong opinions on the legality of certain substances. Please keep them to yourself.