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New York Jets Flight Connections 1-9-14

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Daily links connecting you to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

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Good morning, Gang Green Gangsters!  Here are your daily New York Jets links for this Thursday...

The Jets Blog: Digging deeper into QB Geno Smith and the shotgun. WR David Nelson reached out to offer his signature instead of Geno's.

Patch: WR Stephen Hill is expected at a preschool grand opening.

Turn On The Jets: Interview with RB Chris Ivory.

voice of wisdom: Assessing how the young players performed in 2013.

Eric Allen: Was 8-8 a success for the Jets?

Bob Glauber: Paul Tagliabue was the first to envision a New York area Super Bowl.  No, I was.

AP: New Jersey offers Super Bowl visitors a diverse palette. Kevin Mawae could be a candidate for LSU's offensive line job.  Hopefully, it works out for him.

NFP: The Oakland Raiders have tried out RB Joe McKnight.

STL American: The St. Louis Rams need to improve their offense in the offseason.  OC Brian Schottenheimer will remain with the team.

Tim Graham: Mel Kiper doesn't view the Buffalo Bills as a team that needs a quarterback.

Hogs Haven: Former Cincinnati Bengals OC Jay Gruden will be Washington's HC. New England Patriots OC Josh McDaniels took himself out of the running for the Cleveland Browns job when told he wasn't the frontrunner.

Deadspin: The Miami Dolphins are a dysfunctional mess behind the scenes.

Literally Unbelievable: Dolphins are not so intelligent on land.

OSN: Grantland's recap completely omits the influence of "NYPD Blue" on modern ensemble dramas.  I've noticed this as wwell.

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Here are yesterday's links, in case you missed them.

This one is dedicated to Gang Green Gang, who recently turned 22 iirc:

Happy Thursday, everyone!