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2014 NFL Awards: SB Nation Votes

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation bloggers recently voted on NFL awards for the 2013 season. You can click here to see the results.

I'll share how I voted here.

Offensive MVP: Peyton Manning, Broncos

Well, he set the NFL single-season records for passing yards and passing touchdowns. He also led his team to the best record in the AFC despite missing key defensive talent. Manning could easily fall into Michael Jordan syndrome where you want to give it to somebody else because Manning could win every year. He deserves to win it almost every year, though.

Defensive MVP: Luke Kuechly, Panthers

There are many worthy candidates here. I'm going with the best player on one of the best defenses in the league, a tackling machine who is responsible for making the calls and getting everybody lined up right. Panthers defenders have spoken on the record about how critical those responsibilities are and how unusual somebody so young would be trusted with them.

Coach of the Year: Chip Kelly, Eagles

Not to take away from what Andy Reid did, but entering the year many thought the Chiefs had talent. They might have had a terrible record last year, but they had all of those Pro Bowlers and some prominent offseason additions. Nobody saw Chip Kelly winning the division with Nick Foles as his quarterback no less. He proved that he could adapt and make what he does work in the NFL.

Rookie of the Year: Sheldon Richardson, Jets

Call me a homer, but I saw him thrive playing one of the most difficult roles to transition to the NFL, which is why few rookies in that role make any kind of an impact. In a less than stellar rookie class, he gets my vote.

Super Bowl: Denver over San Francisco

This just feels like Manning's year. I don't really buy into the cold weather thing. On the NFC side, I think the Niners are built to go on the road and win three games. I also don't trust Pete Carroll.