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Saints vs. Eagles Game Thread

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Wesley Hitt

What a start to the Playoffs! The Colts came back from 28 down in the second half to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in today's AFC Wild Card Game. With a second half meltdown and wasted timeouts on the Kansas City side, it was a true Andy Reid Special. The nightcap will be an NFC Wild Card matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the NFC East Champion Philadelphia Eagles. It pits Sean Payton and Chip Kelly, two of the best offensive minds in the game.

I'm taking the Eagles in this one. I think the Saints have more talent, but the NFL Playoffs are about how the teams match up. The Eagles can run it, and the Saints struggle against the run. The Saints also are a different team away from the Superdome.

NBC is broadcasting a legal stream of the game you can watch if you are unable to see it on television. Click here to check it out.

JB's Playoff Prediction Record: 1-0