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Three Card Monte: The Winner

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And the winner is ....

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Back on June 7 we posted a new contest on GGN.  We called it Three Card Monte.   The rules were simple.  Listed in the article Three Card Monte was a rather extensive list of 40+ players then on the Jets expanded offseason roster  who were long shots to make any significant contribution to the team in 2013. Most were long shots to even make the team. The contestants'  job was to choose the three and only three who would make the biggest contribution to the 2013 Jets.

This seemed like a pretty easy game, right?  After all, the 2013 Jets were a team in transition, with limited cap resources and lots of former players being cut.  The team was one of the least talented in the NFL, so it seemed the perfect situation for multiple players to come out of nowhere and stake their NFL claim on a depleted roster with plenty of job openings available.

It didn't exactly work out that way.  Despite the generally underwhelming talent on the Jets' 2013 roster, only four of the listed camp bodies made any kind of significant contribution on the field.  Ryan Quigley, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Darrin Walls and Matt Simms all made non-trivial contributions.  Ellis Lankster came on at the end, but over the course of the season barely saw the field.  The only player who earned a starting position in more than four games was Quigley.  Thus anyone who had Quigley among their picks was automatically among the leaders.

As a demonstration of the wisdom of crowd sourcing, the contest left something to be desired.  The top four players chosen were Ricky Sapp (at 36 entries, well over 50% of the entries), Rontez Miles (25), Ellis Lankster (16) and Jordan White (12).  None made significant contributions.  On the other hand, of the approximately 65+ entries received, only 10 had Jaiquawn Jarrett, only 7 had Darrin Walls, only 2 had Ryan Quigley, and none had Matt Simms among their picks.  Demonstrating the brilliance of Smackdad, I omitted both Zach Rogers and Hayden Smith from the list of players eligible for the contest, because I thought Smith was a lock for a roster spot and very likely to be a contributor, and I thought Rogers was not far behind Smith in that regard.   Oops.

Since only Quigley made it as a full time starter, the two entries including Quigley had a big edge over all other entries.  One such entry was John B, who stuck with his BC alums in his entry (Quigley, Chris Pantale, Donnie Fletcher).  Unfortunately for our fearless leader, his other two BC grads let him down.

That brings us to the only other entry who chose Quigley.  This entry was one of only two entries to choose two contributors.  The other one, by stagggerleee, had both Jarrett and Walls listed, and earns a well deserved honorable mention for choosing 2 contributors among his 3 choices.

The winner, however, also chose 2 contributors, and he had Quigley as one of them.  He also had Jarrett, a solid contributor for the 2013 Jets.  Our winner was the only one of the 65+ entries with both the top contributor, Quigley, and another top 3 contributor.  For that impressive feat of foresight, the winner of the 2013 Three Card Monte contest deserves our hearty congratulations.  And that winner, who now has bragging rights as GGN's best faux GM at least until the 2014 contest is decided, is.... drum roll please....  JetMet!    Take a bow JetMet.  You excelled in a contest that proved to be surprisingly challenging.