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How Will You Watch The Super Bowl?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another year, another Super Bowl without the New York Jets. Despite that, I'm going to be hosting a party with some friends to watch the game. I will mostly be cheering for Joe Namath, who is supposed to help with the coin toss, along with Phil Simms (BOO THAT MAN!). After that, I guess I'm cheering for the Denver Broncos, because I'd like to see one of the all time greats get another ring. I'd love to see Peyton Manning torch Richard Sherman, but I suppose I won't hold my breath. I would also love to see Champ Bailey finally get a ring as well.

So, I plan on having friends over and I'll make some wings, order a few pizzas, and buy some beer. What about you though? How do you plan on watching the Super Bowl? Since the game is in New Jersey, please tell us if you're going to be attending.