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Jets Have Two Representatives on Mel Kiper's All Rookie Team

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ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. handed out awards to some rookies.

Sheldon Richardson was beaten out for Kiper's Defensive Rookie of the Year by Kiko Alonso. Richardson, however, did make Kiper's All Rookie team.

DE Sheldon Richardson, New York Jets: An absolutely dynamic run-stopper, he's already maybe the best lineman on a very good Jets D-line.

It's probably a bit of hyperbole to say Richardson is better than Muhammad Wilkerson right now, but he certainly is a force on the defensive line and could get even better as he gets more adjusted to the pro game. That is probably why Kiper rates him as the second best rookie, behind only Alonso.

Surprisingly, despite the struggles of the rest of the rookie class, Kiper has a second Jet on his All Rookie team.

Tommy Bohanon, New York Jets: A good blocker, he also got a sniff of the rock with 17 carries and 11 catches. Good late draft value.

I get Bohanon making it. How many rookie fullbacks were there? At the same time, "good blocker" and "good late draft value" aren't terms I think of when remembering Bohanon's rookie year. He certainly might improve and become productive in the future, but he wasn't that great in 2013.

Geno Smith also made Kiper's top 30 at number 24, which seems kind of shaky.