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Mike Westhoff Will Not Become Jets Special Teams Coach

Karl Walter

Former Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff has no interest in the team's current vacancy.

Mike Westhoff won’t be returning to the Jets as their special teams coordinator.

Westhoff told The Post on Tuesday he had “listened” to apparent overtures from Gang Green about reclaiming the job he held for 11 years before retiring after the 2012 season, but decided his heart wasn’t in it.

You may remember that Westhoff has had changes of heart before. Most notably, he retired after the 2007 season only to return just in time for the start of the 2008 regular season. There is no reason to believe history will repeat itself, though.

Westhoff returning was probably a longshot, but I am pleased to see the Jets at least kicking the tires. They are at least leaving no stone unturned. Westhoff clearly would have been the best choice to replace the departed Ben Kotwica so it was worth asking.