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Jets "Probably" Returning to Cortland for Training Camp

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Woody Johnson says the Jets are likely to go to training camp in Cortland, NY, again just as they have in four of the last five years.

Jets owner Woody Johnson said Monday the team will “probably” return to SUNY-Cortland for training camp this summer, but will continue to study their options.

In going away, the Jets have bucked the NFL trend of more teams spending camp in their state of the art facilities. Rex Ryan seems to believe the bonding experience of being secluded is more important than having the tools the Florham Park facility can provide.

I'm not sure there is a right or a wrong approach to the way a team does camp. Super Bowl winners have both gone away and stayed at home. As long as Rex remains the Jets' head coach, I would imagine the team will be going away for camp whether it is to Cortland or another venue.