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David Nelson: 2013 and Beyond

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets signed David Nelson off the scrap heap in early October. Nelson chipped in with 36 catches, 423 yards, and a pair of touchdowns in 12 games with New York. At 6'5" and 215 pounds, Nelson is a big target. He became a contributor with the Jets in part because he knows how to use his big frame to shield off defenders and create room to throw the ball.

Nelson is under contract for 2014. He is slated to make $645,000 against the cap. He certainly will be brought into training camp What happens from there? The Jets can and have done worse for receiving depth. At the same time, I would hope the Jets could add enough talent at the position that they would not have to carry Nelson. Nelson is 27 years old and is not a special teams guy. He isn't good enough to be a productive starter. Only 5 times in 12 games did he have more than 3 receptions and only 4 times did he even hit the 40 yard mark. The bottom of the roster spot would probably be better filled with a receiver who has more upside and/or can add extra value on special teams.

With that said, Nelson making the 2014 Jets would not be the end of the world. They just should be able to do a little better.