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2014 Pro Bowl Game Thread

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight at 7:30pm EST on NBC is the 2014 Pro Bowl. Considering Nick Mangold and Antonio Cromartie are playing, among the two worst performing members of the New York Jets, I wouldn't blame you if you consider the Pro Bowl a joke and don't want to watch. But in case you do, here's some information on the game.

Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders chose teams, fantasy-style, from a pool of players regardless of division. You can see Rice's team here and Sanders' team here. Both Mangold and Cromartie are on Rice's team.

Here are some of the rule changes, from

Game within the Game -- A two-minute warning will be added to the first and third quarters and the ball will change hands after each quarter. This will increase the opportunities for quarterbacks to direct "two-minute drills," which are especially exciting for fans.

No Kickoffs -- The coin toss will determine which team is awarded possession first. The ball will be placed on the 25-yard line at the start of each quarter and after scoring plays.

Rosters -- The rosters will continue to consist of 43 players per squad. The kick return specialist will be replaced by an additional defensive back.

Cover Two and Press Coverage -- The defense will be permitted to play "cover two" and "press" coverage. In previous years, only "man" coverage was permitted, except for goal line situations.

Stopping of the Game Clock -- Beginning at the two-minute mark of every quarter, if the offense does not gain at least one yard, the clock will stop as if the play were an incomplete pass. This rule will make the team with the ball attempt to gain yardage toward the end of each quarter.

Game Timing -- The game clock will start after an incomplete pass on the signal of the referee, except inside the last two minutes of the first half and the last five minutes of the second half.

Play Clock -- A 35-second/25-second play clock will be adopted instead of the typical 40-second/25-second clock.

Sacks -- The game clock will not stop on quarterback sacks outside of the final two minutes of the game. Currently, the game clock stops in these situations outside of two- minutes of the second and fourth quarters.