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Scouting the Draft: Jeremy Gallon, WR, Michigan

Leon Halip


Jeremy Gallon is a fifth year senior at Michigan University. He's been a bit under the radar, which is surprising to me because he always plays so well on such a big stage. However, due to his size and age, he could be a steal for the New York Jets. He currently owns Michigan's single season receiving record, and led the East team in the East-West Shrine Game in receiving, with four catches for fifty-five yards. Let's take a look.


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 183lbs

Age: 24

40 Yard Dash: ~4.5s


Receiving Rushing
2013 89 1373 15.4 84 9 3 4 1.3 14 0
2012 49 829 16.9 71 4 11 67 6.1 12 0
2011 31 453 14.6 64 3 3 26 8.7 11 0
2010 4 49 12.3 20 1 0 0 0 0 0


-Plays bigger than his size

-Great hands

-Can find the open spot in a zone

-Plays faster than he will be timed

-Excellent balance

-Attacks the ball




-Likely limited to the slot

-On the older side for a draft prospect

How Does He Fit?

I really like Gallon. He has excellent hands and has a knack for getting open, especially against zone coverage. I think Gallon would do well in a Stedman Bailey-like role for Geno Smith. Because of his size, he probably would struggle exclusively as a main guy, but he'd make an excellent third or fourth receiver. I would happily take him in the fifth or sixth round.

NFL Comparison

He's like a shorter Golden Tate. I've also seen him compared to Steve Smith, both in terms of size and playing style. If Tate ends up being too expensive in free agency, this may be a good arbitrage to get a similar wide receiver for a much cheaper price.