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2013 NFL Power Rankings: The Final Results

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Mike Ehrmann

Now that the regular season has ended, see where the New York Jets stand among media outlets in the final power rankings of the year. Pat Kirwan did not have a final power rankings, but an old friend makes a cameo on this year's final post.

ESPN: 19 (+3)

Give Rex Ryan credit. The Jets have gone 42-38 in Ryan's tenure despite posting the fourth-worst Total QBR (36.1) in that span.

FOX Sports (Brian Billick): 21 (+2)

I love the way Rex Ryan can motivate his teams, even if it is telling them that he is going to get fired. Blaming him for Geno Smith would just be making him the scapegoat and that shouldn't be on him.

Yahoo! (Shutdown Corner): 18 (+1)

The eight wins were great. Rex Ryan did a heck of a job. The only fear is they look at a better-than-expected year and don't have the urgency to upgrade a roster that really needs it.

CBS (Pete Prisco): 15 (+7)

Rex Ryan earned the right to come back. That was a heck of a coaching job.

New York Daily News: 19 (+1)

Geno’s development a good sign. But he needs more weapons.

And one last time for old time's sake, the absurdity of everyone's favorite writer...

SB Nation (Jason Chilton): 23 (--)

New Year's Resolution - Practice fire safety. The Jets' defense has brought the heat on opposing QBs during most of Rex Ryan's tenure, but they were the ones getting burned this season as the pass defense collapsed. Geno Smith is probably destined to fail, but no one is asking the Jets' front office to give up on him after one season. What Jets fans do need to ask for is better edge pass rush and quality secondary play - and no, bringing a crippled Ed Reed back in 2014 won't provide it.

After being ranked dead last in the preseason by many, how do you think the Jets did?