John Idzik is a Genius for Many Reasons and Why.

First let me say I was not always high on John Idzik. As a matter of fact, I think I even called him a 'bean counter' in other threads. For those that don't know me, I say things at times just to get a response knowing full well that what I said would be proven wrong. This is why I pretty much lose all my debates. With that said, this is not one of those times. I think John Idzik has done one heck of a job and it just keeps getting better!

Things happen for a reason......... The 2012 Jet season is probably the worst in memory. A 6-10 season that ended in dysfunction, an implosion by players. Rex said he lost the pulse of the locker room. He sure did! We went from everyone wanting to come to the Jets to play to guys wanting to get out of Dodge, coaches included. We lost Pettine and Westy. Tanny was canned. The NY Jets were in cap hell. Let's face it, as prestigious as it is being a general manager in the NFL, a lot of guys passed on our opening. I mean come on, David Caldwell chose the Jacksonville Jaguars job over the NY Jets. What does that tell you regarding the state of the Jets at the time?

John Idzik was not our first choice, he was not our second choice but things happen for a reason and as it turns out, he was our best choice. Woody Johnson hired Mr Idzik and said, "this is where we're at and here is where we want to go. Oh, one last thing, Rex is coming along for the ride". So John being the consummate professional that he is accepted the job and more so the challenge.

2013 Off Season:

John Idzik was a late hire. Yesterday was his 1 year anniversary as the GM. He came to us with no time to make changes in the front office, scouting department, etc. We also know that his hands were tied on any coaching decisions namely the HC. He had to work with what he had. In most NFL circles this would be considered a real crap sandwich with extra anchovies. As I write this article I feel overwhelmed just by the thought so i can't imagine what this guy was faced with. From day one this guy said all the right things and that wasn't very often. John Idzik strikes me as a very calculated man, educated and doesn't ever over react. Everything he does seems well thought out. With little to no cap space this year he had to make decisions. Decisions not to better the team in 2013 but to look forward and beyond. I'm not going to get into all the particulars of FA signings because we here are all knowledgeable but needless to say accept for Ivory not many worked out. So what, the guy had no $$$. On the draft, I would grade it a 'B-'. But remember, he had to work with what was in place. Plus the true grade is still out. Lastly and I'm not sure if this was his decision or not but the hiring of MM was great. 100%

2013 Season:

Personally I had no expectations for this year. I resigned to the fact that we would be horrible. I thought it was going to be one of those years that I endured in the past being a Jet fan. This is how I really felt even though on earlier threads I said, you all watch, we are going to surprise a lot of people. This was all optimistic and wishful thinking. As it turned out my optimism was correct. Based on the talent level we had this year, a so called rebuilding year, an 8-8 season was a good one. I know, 8-8? Look, we were in it right up to week 15. Nobody including ESPN thought we were any good. They had us as dead last. I read the article on us being the luckiest team of 2013 based on some calculation of point differential. I call bull! Our defense was stout on the front line. They definitely won us a couple games. Our offense was littered with scrubs but they stepped up at times. We had rookies that lost us a couple but gelled towards the end to win us a couple. That's how rookies do it. They get better as the year progresses and now we will see. I certainly have high expectations for them in 2014.

2014 Off Season:

John Idzik made the right decision by keeping Rex. He made the right decision by bringing back the whole coaching staff. Regardless of what people will say, I think John Idzik is the man in charge now and I 100% believe that he has earned it. I think Woody Johnson has now stepped back and has given him full reign. The contract extension with Rex is heavily incentive laden but is fully guaranteed through 2015. That's 2 years for Rex Ryan to prove himself. Sure they can eat 2015 and move on but I strongly believe that won't be the case. I think Idzik, Rex and MM are the best trio in football. We also know the coaching staff are all coming back except for Kotwica. This team is young and with all the draft picks we have this year continuity is a major plus.

John Idzik is making all the right decisions and I do not think that will change. Why would it? We have the FA market with all the cap space, the 2014 draft with all our picks. Yes this year will define John Idzik over the next 2 years and if I was a betting man (okay, yes I am) I bet we as NY Jet fans will not be disappointed. So many great things are going to happen. There's no better time to be a NY Jets fan. We have everything in place to be an unbelievable team for years to come. The NY Jets are going from tragic to magic. We're gonna win and we all need to have the same attitude. Think about that thing that used to be a should and now is a must!

"I will see you and yes I really do mean you. Not just at the top, I'm gonna see you over the top!" -Zig Ziglar

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