Marcus Smith and the Guerrilla Phalanx

Marcus Smith vs Connecticut (2013) (via Adrian Ahufinger)

6-3, 252

2013: 14.5 sacks, 18.5 TFLs, 4 FFs

Guerrilla warfare can be described as a small group of combatants that uses extraordinary mobility and non-traditional tactics to fight a larger and less mobile traditional army. The phalanx is a rectangular mass military formation where the soldiers are compactly positioned and move in unison (you saw it used by the Spartans in the movie 300). There seems to be an inherent dichotomy of core philosophy at play here. That's the genius of it. This is Rex Ryan's premise. Chaotic unity.

What kind of defense do you run, a 43 or a 34? Ask Rex this question and he'll undoubtedly reply, "neither... both... we're multiple." But I think that at least some would agree that somethings been missing on the edge. Rex seems to value an ability to hold at the point of attack out there above all else. Pass rushing seems to be a specialty skill that is only deployed situationally. But the one thing valued even more than point of attack integrity in a Rex Ryan defense is the ability to be multiple. I introduce you to Mr. Marcus Smith of Louisville.

Mr. Smith doesn't just have the size and tenacity to hold the point of attack. He's got the athleticism to drop into coverage; he's got the quickness to flash off the edge; he's got the versatility to play with his hand in the dirt or to stand up. I saw him at 34 OLB, 43 DE, 43 DT, 34 DE, blitzing off the edge, blitzing up the middle, running interior stunts, dropping into coverage over a slot receiver... This dude was BORN to play for Rex. And he's got really nice closing speed. And he plays with a nasty temperament.

He prolly won't go in the first bc he's not 6-6 with sexy long arms and a liquid lighting first step. He's only 6-3, but he's a bull at the point and he can line up anywhere and ball. In a vacuum he doesn't have a whole lot of value, but to the Jets... he has tremendous value. Its finally time to complete the Guerrilla Phalanx. Its time to spend a real draft pick on an OLB.

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