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New York Jets Tweets of the Week: Volume 22

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Analyzing Rex

Rex Ryan's success moving forward will largely be tied to Geno Smith's. Survived the Sanchez-era, unlikely to survive another. — Cian Fahey (@Cianaf) January 16, 2014

Multi-year extension for Rex Ryan, per @AdamSchefter. I like this move. Ryan has coached the hell out of a team with little talent. #jets — Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) January 16, 2014

I guess Rex is the new Jeff Fisher. You are a great coach and your team has no talent if all your talent is on defense, which doesn't count. — Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) January 16, 2014

Rex Ryan's new deal comes on the anniversary of his biggest win -- upset of the Patriots in 2010 divisional playoffs. #Jets — Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) January 16, 2014

SNY now suggesting that because Rex coached well without job security the Jets should never give him job security — Drew Friedman (@Schneideur) January 16, 2014

Cimini (furrows brow) "This contract is so complex, I can make neither head nor hide of it!" Intern (clears throat) "it's upside down, sir" — Spider 2 Y Banana (@gambit1154) January 16, 2014

Total speculation: I wonder if this out of nowhere extension is a reaction to the uncertainty surrounding the rest of the coaching staff? — Chris Lopresti (@CLoprestiWFAN) January 16, 2014

Source familiar with details of Rex Ryan's contract extension: "A win-win for the G.M." #nyj — Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) January 16, 2014

The Jets just emailed out quotes from Rex saying nice things about the Jets and Idzik saying nice things about Rex. Carry on. — Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) January 16, 2014

Kellen Winslow Has Some Splanin' to do

I know it's easy to make fun of Kellen Winslow right now but in his defense, have you SEEN the women in Target parking lots?

— Jacson Bevens (@JacsonBevens) January 17, 2014

Other Jets Related Tweets

On this day 45 years ago, Jets won their only Super Bowl. On this day 60 years ago, Howard Stern was born. Insert punch line here... — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 12, 2014

#Jets meet with #Cornell QB Jeff Mathews. List of all prospect meetings from the East practice today - — Walter Cherepinsky (@walterfootball) January 14, 2014

D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Folk, Geno Smith and Muhammad Wilkerson slated to appear at Jets House in NYC week of Super Bowl. #NFL — Jane McManus (@janesports) January 14, 2014

Full @PFWAwriters ROY voting: Eddie Lacy 45, Keenan Allen 24, Sheldon Richardson 16, Patterson 3, Alonso 2, Ansah/Vaccaro/Lotulelei 1 each.— Tyler Dunne (@TyDunne) January 15, 2014

Vikings hired Zimmer. Most recent DCs to become HCs? Gus Bradley, Dennis Allen, Pagano, Rivera, Spags, Schwartz, Rex — Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) January 15, 2014

#Jets met with Michigan State linebacker Max Bullough (@Bullough40). #nyj — Jake Steinberg (@Steiny31) January 15, 2014

This being at the Shrine game.

Willing to bet a beat reporter doesn't break a meaningful #Jets story this entire off-season — Joe Caporoso (@TurnOnTheJets) January 16, 2014

Postscript to Ben Kotwica departure: He was offered a two-year deal by #Jets, per source. Redskins offer must have been significant. — Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) January 16, 2014

SB raffle from Jets fan "@PS6SBRaffle: Enter raffle to win 2 tix 2 the SB. Proceeds to benefit PS 6! Enter at," — Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) January 17, 2014

To earn the PPE, players must have 35% playing-time in two of his first three seasons OR 35% cumulative playing-time. — Brian McIntyre (@brian_mcintyre) January 17, 2014

Powell and Kerley are two of the 35 players McIntyre was referencing in the previous tweets.

To be fair to the Jets, at least none of their players have been arrested for multiple gangland-style slayings. That we know of. — Bart Hubbuch (@HubbuchNYP) January 17, 2014

Fun Fact: Geno Smith is the only person ever to get angry with airlines. — Jake Rapoport (@steaker) January 18, 2014

That's not saying I'd take Sanchez over Mallett. Just if Mallett fetched value, Sanchez (if cut/cheap) would be a viable back-up option. — Rich Hill (@PP_Rich_Hill) January 18, 2014

Draft Season is Here

Good luck to everyone training and preparing for this years draft. Remember everything u do / say is being watched and criticized. — Kenny Stills (@KSTiLLS) January 12, 2014

As expected, I'm hearing all sorts of opinions on Johnny Manziel #NFLDraft from scouts. 1 team w/top 10 pick says they've found 0 problems — Cecil Lammey (@cecillammey) January 14, 2014

scout on JManziel "I'll throw to a [jerk], I'll hand off to a [jerk], I'd never snap to a [jerk]." #NFLdraft personality perceptions thick — Cecil Lammey (@cecillammey) January 14, 2014

The reason you want QBs to throw at Senior Bowl and combine is to see their arms side by side with peers. Scared guys don't throw. — Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) January 14, 2014

As others have suggested, if you're going to skip the Senior Bowl at least give an excuse or some form of reasoning. Injury or something. — Ryan Lownes (@ryanlownes) January 14, 2014

I would love to sit down with Bill Parcells and discuss Johnny Manziel as an NFL QB. That would be amazing. #NFLDraft — Joe Marino (@TheJoeMarino) January 15, 2014

Lots of talk about Kiper's mock but @MoveTheSticks put Manziel ahead if Bridgewater too. I'm telling you, doubt on Teddy B is real. — Peter Bukowski (@BukoTime) January 15, 2014

I have Bridgewater as a top 10 talent in this draft but I know several teams that don't view him as a 1st round player. — Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) January 15, 2014

Broad Jump, Vertical Jump , and 10yd split are key measurables for DE's from a data-point perspective, which Clowney should also destroy. — Louis Riddick (@LRiddickESPN) January 16, 2014

One thing about the agent business ... you can't just parachute in and become the man. Gotta give the business everything you've got. — Rand Getlin (@Rand_Getlin) January 16, 2014

If you really take a step back, one of the best-situated players from the 2012 draft is Vontaze Burfict, and he went undrafted. — Rand Getlin (@Rand_Getlin) January 16, 2014

110 players at the Senior Bowl, 96 underclassmen and only 256 draft picks. Lot of wake up calls coming via bad information. — Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) January 16, 2014

Off-field Manziel is basically just a Joe Namath redux. That's not where I'm worried about him. — Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) January 16, 2014

Underclassmen early entrant #s for NFL Draft over last 5 years. Not a good trend. 2014: 96 2013: 73 2012: 65 2011: 56 2010: 53 — Brett Hickman (@BrettHickman) January 16, 2014

Draft = market place. Players = stocks. Keenan Allen 2nd round grade in Jan, runs slow doesn't interview well. Grade now 3rd round. Stock ⬇️ — John Middlekauff (@JohnMiddlekauff) January 18, 2014

Random Tweets

In my sideline experience, less injuries in rain due to poor footing. Slipping out saves knee injury and harder to generate force. #NOvsSEA — David J. Chao, MD (@ProFootballDoc) January 11, 2014

The reason we're seeing more teams use "22" & "13" personnel/run heavy sets is to exploit the lightweight hybrid defenders on edges. — Bucky Brooks (@BuckyBrooks) January 12, 2014

The NFL is trending back towards power football to take advantage of it. Notice how many playoff teams are using SY/GL sets. — Bucky Brooks (@BuckyBrooks) January 12, 2014

"When you think about Peyton Manning, you think about numbers. When you think about Tom Brady, you think about championships" - Ray Lewis — NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) January 12, 2014

You get the increasing feeling, talking to people around the league, that the Browns job is seen as radioactive. Tough spot for them. — Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) January 12, 2014

I love everyone telling Harbaugh to chill out. Do people not watch him on a weekly basis? This is him. Btw his teams WIN a lot — John Middlekauff (@JohnMiddlekauff) January 12, 2014

Only winning QB this weekend in this pass-happy league to throw for over 200 yards: Peyton and just 230 yards at that. — Rich Eisen (@richeisen) January 13, 2014

"What is the purpose of a Safety? Does he safe the QB?" <---THAT was an actual question a Dolphins fan asked on the radio. — Manny (@MannyFresco16) January 14, 2014

I find it funny that some of the same people pointing out that McDaniels could've learned over last few years, are decrying Caldwell hire. — Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) January 14, 2014

"Excuse me, Mr. Kotite? You have a Michael Lombardi on Line 1. He sounds desperate." #browns — SI_DougFarrar (@SI_DougFarrar) January 14, 2014

I find it intriguing that we have 25-30 year olds running billion dollar companies, researching cures for cancer, but zero as head coaches. — Ian Kenyon (@IanKenyonNFL) January 15, 2014

List of prohibited items on Super Bowl game day. #NFL — Jane McManus (@janesports) January 15, 2014

I believe a coach should adapt his system to the talent, not the talent to his system -- Don Shula. — Armando Salguero (@ArmandoSalguero) January 15, 2014

Driving with a Head CFB or NFL Coach is always an adventure. Just ran a red light and missed 2 turns. But wouldn't trade the time. — Mike McCartney (@MikeMcCartney7) January 15, 2014

I mean, someone is going to acknowledge that Manning had *30* more TDs, 1000 more yards, 1 fewer INT, and 18 fewer sacks than Brady, right? — Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) January 16, 2014

Like the transition from primary pro film study to heavy college film study at this time. Perspective gained from NFL season games essential — Louis Riddick (@LRiddickESPN) January 16, 2014

Eric DeCosta, Tom Gamble, George Paton, Scot McCloughan all rejected interview offers from the Dolphins....make of that what you will. — Daniel Eliesen (@PhinsDaniel) January 16, 2014

Belichick pre-Spygate: 3 Super Bowl wins. Belichick post-Spygate: 0. Lombardi, Brown, Noll, Landry or Walsh, he most definitely is not.

— Bart Hubbuch (@HubbuchNYP) January 16, 2014

Source said #Browns were "blown away" in interviews w/ Quinn & Pettine; both emerging as legit candidates validates extensive search mantra — Daryl Ruiter (@RuiterWrongFAN) January 17, 2014

Typically when teams miss on their 1st & 2nd HC choices, they start putting out that they were "blown away" by later choices. #Narrative — Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) January 18, 2014

Jim Harbaugh says 49ers not tired w/ travel: "They've got this brand-new invention that’s made it really good for us, called the airplane." — Bob Glauber (@BobGlauber) January 18, 2014

Real meaning of a rival.."When you use the other guy/other team as the standard." - Bill Walton — Louis Riddick (@LRiddickESPN) January 19, 2014