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James Jones: Potential Jets

Jonathan Daniel

James Jones has spent his entire seven year NFL career with the Green Bay Packers. Three years ago the Jets were reportedly looking into signing him. In hindsight, they probably would have been better off going with Jones instead of exploring the likes of Plaxico, Braylon, and Santonio. Jones ended up going back to Green Bay for a little over $3 million annually. Despite playing through knee and rib injuries, Jones set a career high with 817 receiving yards in 2013.

Jones is a physical receiver who is adept at using his body to win balls in the air. With 24 touchdown catches over the last three seasons, including 14 in 2012, he is a useful red zone target. He isn't a burner, but he does have decent enough speed to occasionally stretch the field. He has a history of some drop problems, but he has seemingly improved them in recent years.

Jones has never really been the go to guy in Green Bay, but he has been an important part of a really good passing attack. His numbers and production are not out of this world, but the Packers offense spreads the ball around. He finished second on the team in both yardage and receptions the last two years.

I think Jones would be a clear upgrade at the receiver position. He is an adequate starter and potentially a second option. I don't think he is good enough to be the focal point of the passing offense, though. I would not go much higher than his current salary, though. If he is going to be a $5 million a year player, I do not think he is a good option. In my view, he is a fallback option who can capably but not spectacularly perform.

What do you think? How much would you give Jones?