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Lex Hilliard: 2013 and Beyond


When the Jets re-signed Lex Hilliard, it raised some eyebrows. Hilliard was the hand-picked fullback of the offensive coordinator the team had just fired. He also had not been much of an asset. The fullback's main job is to run block, and Hilliard was not that good at it. He also had not added much as a runner or a receiver.

Hilliard was supposed to compete for the fullback job with Tommy Bohanon, but he suffered a broken bone in his shoulder during a preseason practice that knocked him out for the year. Bohanon won the job by default.

Hilliard will be a free agent this year. Coming off the injury, it is unlikely he will get more than the minimum from any team. The Jets could use some competition for Bohanon, but I do not think Hilliard is the man for the job. He did not show much in 2012 when he was the starter.

What do you think?