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Geno Smith Denies Being Kicked Off Flight

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Deadspin reports Geno Smith was forced to leave a flight today in the presence of law enforcement.

Jets quarterback Geno Smith was apparently escorted off a Virgin America flight at LAX today by police after what a witness called a "verbal altercation."

It is unclear exactly what happened at this time or what will happen going forward.

[Edit by John B, 01/17/14 7:29 PM EST ] Not exactly much of an update, but take this for what it is worth.

[Edit by John B, 01/17/14 7:41 PM EST ] Per TMZ Geno Smith says the story is untrue.

[Edit by John B, 01/17/14 7:48 PM EST ] Yeah, the more that comes out, the more it looks like this is not Deadspin's finest hour.

[Edit by John B, 01/17/14 8:30 PM EST ] More info from Costello:

[Edit by John B, 01/17/14 8:42 PM EST ]

[Edit by John B, 01/17/14 8:49 PM EST ] Well, folks, it seems like Deadspin called about an escaped octopus on the roof of Springfield Elementary School. I think that will wrap up our coverage of this story. Thanks for tuning into our liveblog of Geno Smith being asked to take his headphones off on an airplane.