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Rex Ryan: Contract Extension Much Ado About Nothing?

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Jim McIsaac

His Cimininess included an interesting note in his breakdown of Rex Ryan's contract extension.

Ah, but this wasn't a typical contract extension. As Schefter reported, the deal is based heavily on incentives for postseason wins. Concrete details have yet to emerge, but it sounds as if Ryan accepted non-guaranteed money on the back end of the deal in exchange for an added year (or years), with a chance to recoup the difference by winning playoff games.

Maybe I'm the only one picking up on this, but this says to me Rex might not have as much job security as people seem to be suggesting. If the salary for the last year of the deal is minimal unless the Jets make the Playoffs, that means something.

Think about it. Say the Jets miss the Playoffs in 2014. Rex might have two years left on his deal officially. But if he is only paid a full salary in 2015 and change in 2016, it wouldn't cost much more to fire him than it would if he was only extended by a year.

Maybe this is just a window dressing deal thinking that since he is nominally under contract for two more years, the media will not create a distraction by speculating about his fate. If he makes the Playoffs, the Jets would owe him a full 2016 salary, but they're going to keep Rex if they make the Playoffs anyway.

Without having a full breakdown of the deal it is impossible to know, but I tip my hat to the Jets if that really is what is going on. It's pretty brilliant. It eliminates a potential distraction while keeping the team's options open.