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Introducing The GGN Betting Board

Get on board and bet as if your internets depended on it.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

For all of those Gang Green Gangsters who love to put a few internets on their debates, this board's for you.  Smackdad and GGN are proud to announce the grand opening of the GGN Betting Board.

The concept is simple.  GGN often has vociferous debates about any and all Jets related issues, and many times various members place bets on the threads.  However, rarely are such bets tracked and accounted for.  It is time for an accounting.  From this day forward, all those who wish to have their bets tracked and the results noted can do so on this Betting Board.

Anyone interested in participating just needs to comment on this article, expressing said interest.  Or anyone can at any time in any thread request that a bet be tracked on this Board.  From that point on the member in question will be a participating member of this Board.

The rules are fairly simple.

Each participant will start with 200 internets, and can bet in increments of 10 internets.

Minimum bet is 10 internets; maximum bet is whatever your internets balance is at the time.

As bets are won or lost they will be posted to the Board and your internets balance will be suitably adjusted.  Run out of internets in any calendar year and you are done betting on the Board until the next year.

Every year your account gets an additional 100 internets infusion.  As time goes on those who build up large balances will be recognized for their keen acumen.  Those who constantly run out of internets will be open to some good natured ribbing.

Odds are permitted (for example, 10-1 Sanchez is cut by April 1), and multiple bets are permitted (for example, I'll bet all comers 10 internets that the Jets pick a TE in the first round of the 2014 draft), so long as you have a sufficient balance to cover any prospective losses.

In any quarter year (Jan - March, April- June, etc.) that any bets are won or lost, the results will be posted in an update to this Board.

Most important rule is this: this board is for fun and to recognize the keen insights of those who consistently win their bets.  It is NOT for verbal abuse, endless I told you so's, and relentless trash talking.  Some good natured ribbing of those on the wrong end of bets, and taking a bow or two if you win, are fine, but if the Board devolves into a bunch of nasty squabbling it will be shut down and will not return.  I am counting on participants to police themselves so we can all have a little fun with it.

Final judgment regarding the outcome of any bet rests solely with Smackdad.  Don't argue endlessly if you are in disagreement; state your case and move on.  I am not interested in endless squabbles here; if that's how things evolve the Board will  be shut down.  This is for fun only; the "unjust" loss or win of an internets bet will not kill you, so just go with the flow and have fun with it.

If you wish to participate, leave a comment on this thread to that effect.  Or you can just ask for any bet in any other thread to be put up on the Board.  IMPORTANT: THE BOARD IS VOLUNTARY.  BOTH SIDES OF ANY BET HAVE TO AGREE TO PARTICIPATE BEFORE ANY BET IS POSTED.  Easiest way to ask for a bet to be posted will be to just put #BettingBoard at the end of your bet.  If both sides agree it will be posted here. Any bet between two people who are already members of the Betting Board will automatically be posted here unless either side opts out.

There may be times when I don't notice a bet that you'd like posted.  If you think I didn't notice your bet just send me an email (my address is on the masthead) or post a reminder in the TAN.  I should respond to you pretty quickly.  On the few weeks a year when I'm away and not visiting GGN much, try to be patient.  If you sent me an email I will respond eventually, even if it takes some time because I've been on vacation.

I will open the Board with my own bets (anybody who is on the opposite side and objects to being listed here let me know and I will take you and our bet off the Board).

On December 30, 2013 Smackdad bet John B and itsunclepauley 20 internets each that the Jets will not use the 18th pick of the 2014 draft on a TE.

On January 8, 2014 Smackdad bet NJJetFan and John B 20 internets each, taking the Under on an Over/Under bet that Chris Ivory would not exceed 550 yards rushing in the 2014-2015 NFL season.

Now I'd like to hear from you.  The Board is in it's infancy; now is the time for any suggestions.  What would you like to see?  How can we make this great?  Please leave any and all suggestions in your comments.  No guarantee I will incorporate any or all suggestions, but all will be considered and if they seem like a good idea, I will incorporate them.

Anybody who wants to participate, please indicate your interest in the comments.  Anybody who wants a previous bet included, if both parties agree, leave a comment to that effect.  And anybody with suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

Welcome to the Board everyone.  Place your bets wisely, and please try to remember, it's all just for fun.