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Tommy Bohanon: 2013 and Beyond

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The Jets took Tommy Bohanon, college teammate of John Idzik's son at Wake Forest, in the seventh round of the 2013 Draft. At the time the pick seemed about as exciting as one would expect the seventh round selection of fullback to be. Bohanon won a roster spot by default when Lex Hilliard got hurt in preseason. What followed was less than spectacular.

Let's get one thing straight before we go any further. The only thing that matters for 99% of fullbacks is whether they can run block. In today's high flying era of the NFL, the fullback position is becoming a specialty mainly for power situations. Unless a fullback is the rare breed who is skilled enough to be an important part of the passing game and/or an explosive athlete capable of making big plays, most receiving production a fullback provides can be easily replaced by halfbacks, tight ends, and wide receivers. A fullback is used sparingly in the run game.

Bohanon is not an exceptionally gifted receiver. His hands are good enough, but he just is not an explosive athlete who can do much after he catches the ball. That is probably why his 11 catches only netted 69 yards. He is not the kind of guy who can make a big impact in the passing game. On the ground, he turned 4 of his 17 carries into first downs.

So the question is whether Bohanon is a skilled run blocker. I don't really have any stats to back it up, but the eyeball test tells me he misses too many blocks to be considered effective. For a guy who only played in around one-third of the team's snaps, mostly run plays, you want him to be almost automatic finding the guy who needs to be blocked and executing the block. Bohanon was not.

Bohanon's is on his extremely cheap seventh round rookie contract. There is no sense in cutting him. Maybe he will get a lot better between his first and second year. The Jets should probably look into bringing competition, though. It shouldn't be that hard to find capable competition on the cheap.