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Alex Green: 2013 and Beyond

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Maddie Meyer

Alex Green was a 2011 third round pick of the Green Bay Packers. He suffered an ACL tear in his rookie year and was generally ineffective in his second year, seemingly never having recovered from the injury. The Packers cut him, and the Jets picked him up cheap.

Green did not do a whole lot for the Jets in 2013. He had 13 touches from scrimmage that netted 43 yards. He also had some nondescript special teams duty when he was active. He recorded three special teams tackles against the Raiders.

Odds are you do not have strong feelings about Green. He seems to be a cheap, camp body. I think he's worth keeping around as an upside guy. He was a pretty decent prospect coming out of Hawaii. Green had a fairly well-rounded game and is big enough at 226 pounds. He also ran a 40 time in the 4.4 range. Maybe the knee didn't fully heal in time to make an impact with the Packers. Now he is a few years removed. Perhaps it is better, and he will reach his potential.

Am I expecting Green to ever become a contributor? No, but I think he's worth keeping on the cheap for another look in camp.