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Colts vs. Patriots Game Thread

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Jared Wickerham

In our nightcap we have the Patriots and the Colts rekindling their Playoff rivalry. The irony of this battle is the fact these teams shared a division for only three decades but only developed a real rivalry after they stopped playing in the same division.

These teams are strikingly similar in that neither team has a ton of talent in part due to injuries. They are both carried by their top tier quarterback. Remember how two years ago Tom Brady and Tim Tebow played the night game on Divisional Saturday, and people said it was a living legend against a future legend? Tonight's battle between Brady and Andrew Luck is kind of like that...only this time it actually is a living legend against a future legend.

This one really could go either way, but I can't pick against Brady and the Patriots at home. Maybe this will jinx them.

JB's Playoff Prediction Record: 3-2