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Jets vs. Buccaneers Offensive Snap Count

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Below are the snap totals for Jets offensive players in yesterday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The first number next to the player's name is the total number of snaps. The second is the percentage of totally offensive snaps he played.

Two things really stick out to me. First, Bilal Powell saw almost double the snaps Chris Ivory got. Powell's superior receiving and blocking make him a better choice for passing downs, but it is somewhat surprising to see that considering the Jets presumably brought Ivory in to be the main man. Second, Stephen Hill played in 71 of 75 snaps. He had a nice game, and it seems like the Jets are counting on him to be a major contributor this year.

What jumps out to you?

A Howard T 75 100%

V Ducasse G 75 100%

D Ferguson T 75 100%

W Colon T 75 100%

G Smith QB 75 100%

N Mangold C 73 97%

S Hill WR 71 95%

B Powell RB 47 63%

K Winslow TE 47 63%

S Holmes WR 44 59%

J Kerley WR 39 52%

T Bohanon RB 34 45%

E Gates WR 29 39%

J Cumberland TE 28 37%

C Ivory RB 24 32%

K Reuland TE 6 8%