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The New York Jets Need To Capitalize Against The New England Patriots

Stephen Lovekin

Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we saw the New York Jets struggle to capitalize off of self-inflicted wounds by the Bucs. Despite thirteen penalties and a stagnant Buccaneer offense for most of the day, the Jets were unable to score more than 18 points and barely put away the win.

That can't happen this week against the New England Patriots. The Patriots are hurting, with Shane Vereen reported out with a broken wrist, a fumbling Stevan Ridley, Zach Sudfeld nursing a pulled hamstring and possibly out, Danny Amendola having re-aggravated his groin injury, etc., the Patriots are as "weak" as we've ever seen them. I use the word "weak" as a relative term, because the Patriots are a good team until proven otherwise, as long as they have Tom Brady at the helm. But the injuries to the Patriots give the Jets an opening to sneak out of Foxborough with a win, and a 2-0 record. This week, if they can capitalize, they'll be able to shock the world.