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Jets Re-Sign Brady Quinn

Joe Robbins

PFT reports the Jets have re-signed quarterback Brady Quinn.

A league source tells PFT that the Jets have indeed brought back quarterback Brady Quinn, a move which was expected since his release Saturday.

The Jets signed Quinn last week to get him familiar with the team in the playbook. He was then cut in a sort of penny pinching move because his salary for the season would have been guaranteed if he was on the Week 1 roster. Now it will not be.

Quinn is not a very good quarterback. He is one of the few quarterbacks in the league who has a track record of being worse than Mark Sanchez. I would have liked to have seen the Jets use this roster spot on somebody with some sort of potential. I mean he brings so little value that the Jets actually felt they could cut him before a game for purely financial reasons and feel no negative impact.

Quinn is a Jet once again, however, so welcome back, Brady, I guess.