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Geno Smith: "It's Not About Me"

After a thrilling opening day victory, Geno Smith spoke to the assorted media members and couldn't have come out any cleaner.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone is recovered after the victory celebrations yesterday. Today the New York Jets official website has a transcript from Rex Ryan and the key players, you can read it in it's entirety by clicking HERE

However I just wanted to highlight a few snippets from the Geno Smith portion of the conference. I've not seen a rookie QB quite as mature as Smith in a long time. However he says all the right things, and you can see why players find it easy to really play for him and get behind him.

On how it feels to get a win in his first NFL game…

It's good to get a win for the Jets. It's not about me. It's about my teammates and this organization. So it's good to get a win for the Jets. But we've got to put this one behind us and get prepared for a tough game coming up on Thursday night.

On how he would evaluate his performance in his first game.....

I had some ups and downs, but like i said, it's not about me. It's about the team and as a team, we won the game. Not all of them are going to be pretty. In this league it's usually going to come down to some last-second plays. Just good, great, to come home with that victory and get a win and gain some momentum going into this next week.

On his resiliency during the game......

I don't like to brag about myself. Resilience is something you have to have at this position. That's something that I think was always instilled in me at a young age. Like I said, I have teammates that I trust a bunch. And those guys go out there and compete and fight. When we have situations where you know we have loss of yards, which by the way we had too many today, or we have turnovers or penalties, it's never hanging your head. It's never get down on someone. Instead we look at the positives and try and get it back.

There is a ton of great material in that article that I posted at the top, so if you get the chance to read that today, it's well worth it. In the end Geno did well on his NFL debut. There were some problems and some mistakes, but his mental attitude makes me believe he'll learn from those mistakes and clean up his game. No Quarterback in this league who is considered elite, has never thrown an interception or coughed up the football in a bad position.

Lets see what he can do in a hostile environment like New England.