The Good,The Bad and The  Ugly

Hey Folks, the Jets are now 1-0 after our week 1 Win over the visiting Bucs...I just wanted to recap a bit from what I saw on the field today.

The GOOD...Offense

QB Geno Smith, this guy went 24/38 256 yds 1 TD 1 INT in his first ever NFL start against a pretty formidable opponent with Dashon Goldson and Darrelle Revis leading the way on Defense, Geno delivered in a VERY tough situation.

TE Kellen Winslow Jr....that washed up TE with awful knees hauled in 7 catches for 79 yds and 1 TD..pfft to all the Haters

WR Stephen Hill..watching Hill snatch 6 passes out of thin air took me back to the days when Stickum was legal, this guy WILL catch the ball if thrown within 5 yds of him, albeit they were only averaging about 7 yards per pass, he can CATCH and proved that today.

on Defense...


Mo Wilk had 1 Sack but he was consistently applying pressure on Freeman and making him force alot of passes.

Rookie Sheldon Richardson was a disruptive Force today, making 4 Tackles and a Half Sack, he was ALWAYS penetrating the pocket and forcing Freeman outside.

Antwan Barnes IS WHO WE THOUGHT HE WAS!!! this guy was in on soo many plays today, its almost sad to say he only had 1 sack, he WAS the reasoning behind most of Freemans scrambling throws.

Big Snacks & Kenric Ellis...BOTH of these guys showed GREAT presence by collapsing the freaking running lanes that the Muscle Hamsta couldnt fit thru, BIG PROPS to both of them.

The BAD..Offense.

Our Run Offense is nonexistent

Bilal Powell & Cris Ivory couldnt get anything going.

Geno Smith was our Leading rusher with 47 yards..Nuff said.

on Defense..

we couldnt stop those 3rd Downs...seemed every time the Bucs were in 3rd down and 7, they made a play to progress thier drive.

The UGLY...

CB Antonio Cromartie.. 154 yds to Vincent Jackson is just UNACCEPTABLE!!

WR Santonio the freakin play out Holmes !!! at least 4 times today I saw Holmes not even burst off the snap and run a true route...he knew from the playcall in the Huddle the ball wasnt coming to him and showed it , hes a POS in my mind until he shows that he can be a "team" player.

CB Dee Milliner.. I know hes just a rookie but he was beaten like a redheaded stepchild out there today, he didnt look back to the ball nor did he actually make any impact plays, he needs to tighten up as we move on to the Patriots.

...All in All the Jets looked very good on Defense and Middle of the Road on Offense.

I cant wait til Coples is back in the mix, that will be scary...hopefully our ground game picks it up and takes some pressure off of Geno.

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