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Jets vs. Buccaneers: Which Buc Would You Like to See in a Jets Uniform?

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

For the sake of discussion, SB Nation's Bucs blog, Bucs Nation, is asking its readers which Jet they would like to see join the Buccaneers. Let's ask the reverse question. Which Buccaneer would you most want as a Jet? Say money wasn't an object. Below are some of the best candidates.

Darrelle Revis

We are living in a world where the salary cap doesn't exist. In that world, Revis would still be a Jet. Let's forget about all of the discussions of how much money he is worth and how much he should fit under the cap. The fact is he is a game-changing player, perhaps the only cornerback in the league who can make that claim. He can totally eliminate some of the most dynamic weapons in the game. He takes away one side of the field, which allows you to reallocate resources and give help to lesser players. The Jets might be looking at a year where the defense is going to need to be great, not just good to make up for minimal offensive production like in 2009 (when it was) or 2012 (when it wasn't). Revis would get this team a lot closer to that.

Doug Martin

Martin is the kind of back around whom you can build an offense. He ran for 1,454 yards and 11 touchdowns last year while averaging 20 carries a game and adding 49 catches and 472 yards. The last two years the Jets have lacked an identity on offense. When I say that I mean they have not have a play they could run when the chips were down they could count on to produce positive results. With Martin, the answer would be simple, hand him the football. He also would be a gift to a rookie quarterback. He would set up play action, keep the downs and distances manageable, and force defenses to drop extra defenders into the box. His receiving ability would also fit really well in the screen game.

Vincent Jackson

When you look at the Jets' receiving corps, there is a noticeable absence of a big play receiver to help out a rookie quarterback. Jackson could be just that. Jackson also has a reputation for winning contested balls so he could serve as something of a safety blanket. When in doubt, Geno Smith could throw it up to him and let him make a play without fear of something bad happening.

Dashon Goldson

When you look at what the Jets are trotting out at the safety position, a reigning first team All Pro looks very enticing. It's funny considering how much success Ed Reed brought Rex Ryan in Baltimore, but the Jets have not seemed to value having playmakers at the safety position in his tenure.

What say you? Which of these players would you want most? Is it somebody I left out? Let us know below.