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NFL Week 1 Picks

Patrick Smith

Tampa Bay over NY Jets

I really don't like this matchup for the Jets at all. Tampa Bay can run it, and they can stop the run. The way this Jets team is built, that is a dangerous combination.

Denver over Baltimore

This is a tough spot for the defending champions. It's very difficult to win a revenge game on the road, no less one of the Opening Night primetime variety.

New England over Buffalo

I think the Bills are going to be better than people expect, but they aren't ready to win this game.

Miami over Cleveland

I think the Dolphins are going to be worse than people expect, but they should be able to handle the Browns.

Carolina over Seattle

Beware the 10:00 AM start for a West Coast team on the road.

Chicago over Cincinnati

I really liked the Marc Trestman hire for the Bears. Jay Cutler looked like a star in the making the last time he had a strong offensive head coach, Mike Shanahan in Denver.

Detroit over Minnesota

The Vikings feel like an obvious choice for a Playoff team who overperformed last year that takes a step back. The Lions feel like a team who underperformed last year and will take a step forward.

Indianapolis over Oakland

I am one of the few who does not think the Colts will take a step back this year. Even if they do, the Raiders should not present much of a problem.

Kansas City over Jacksonville

I see a long year ahead in Jacksonville.

Atlanta over New Orleans

People see the Saints bouncing back with Sean Payton back. I'm not sure how much Payton can help that defense, which was the real problem.

Pittsburgh over Tennessee

It's tough to pick an inferior team on the road.

San Francisco over Green Bay

I still have visions of Colin Kaepernick running all over the Packers in the Playoffs.

Arizona over St. Louis

Now that the Cardinals have a credible quarterback, they should be able to get by weak opponents like St. Louis.

NY Giants over Dallas

These are two teams that have been impossible to figure out week to week for years. Logic would dictate the Cowboys should have an advantage at home so that probably means the opposite will happen.

Washington over Philadelphia

One of these days I think we'll look back on Robert Griffin III as the player we thought Michael Vick was going to be.

Houston over San Diego

I need to see the Philip Rivers comeback story before I'm ready to believe it.