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Helmet Stickers: New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans

We update our weekly table, highlighting the top Jets performers from the dreadful performance in Tennessee

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I only watched the condensed game, as I was in London watching the Vikings/Steelers yesterday, that was painful enough. So my thoughts go to all of you who had to experience that over a 4 hour period, as that was a terrible performance. I've seen my fair share of stinkers from the Jets, but this one just felt felt inevitable from the first interception.

So lets give out our helmet stickers for the week, and you'll forgive me if this isn't a long description.

Honorable mentions: There really aren't many, overall I thought the team performance was abysmal. The offensive line in particular have to take a considerable amount of the blame. However I liked that Tommy Bohanon was running hard well into the 4th quarter, he's a nice safety valve to have. Harris in coverage was not pretty, but he came up and made a few nice plays in the run game. Wilkerson also made a couple of nice plays behind the line. Nick Folk didn't make a mistake, so I'll give him a mention here. Cumberland had a nice touchdown catch and run, although I have to say that was a perfectly thrown ball by Geno who otherwise had a truly terrible game.

Third Star: TE, Kellen Winslow, 6 receptions, 73 yards

This is a reach, but I thought he did a pretty nice job. ESPN said he was targeted 9 times in the game, I can't seem to remember him dropping or being at fault for the three incompletions. He made some nice grabs over the middle while taking some shots. He's a good security blanket for Geno, and while he doesn't have the speed that he once had, he still has decent hands. So for being fairly reliable, I'll give him the third star.

Second Star: LB, Demario Davis, 9 tackles, 1 tackle for a loss

He did miss one tackle on Johnson and get beat in coverage once, however he was also the most active linebacker. He has continued his impressive start to the season and he looks as though he may be the best linebacker the Jets have now. He made a nice tackle when stretched to the sideline, he made several important stops at the line of scrimmage, and he came downfield with authority. It's nice to have a linebacker with speed who also hits with a lot of power. He still has work to do with his coverage skills, but he is improving all the time and I'm looking forward to seeing him in 2014 with a full season of starts under his belt.

First Star: RB Bilal Powell, 14 carries, 66 yards (4.7 average), 3 receptions, 42 yards (14 average)

It's a shame the Jets fell behind by such a margin we had no choice to throw the ball, as Bilal looked as though he was on for a great game. I'm getting very excited about Powell, because he is consistently performing at a high standard. Chris Johnson run for an average of 1.4, yet Bilal was at 4.7. I know the Titans were playing the throw late to try and ensure no quick scores, but Bilal looked great early, hitting the hole with authority and recognizing when he needed to bounce outside or just plough up the middle. His hands are getting better and better and his catch and run for 36 yards was very impressive. His blitz recognition is good and his blocking is very decent, he's a 3 down back, and it'll be interesting how much time Goodson sees when he gets up to game speed. For me personally, he was the most impressive Jet on the field.

Week Week 1 v Tampa Week 2 @ NE Week 3 v Bills Week 4 @ Titans
First Star Nick Folk (K) Demario Davis (LB) Muhammad WIlkerson (DE) Bilal Powell (RB)
Second Star Sheldon Richardson (DT) Damon Harrison (DT) Santonio Holmes (WR) Demario Davis (LB)
Third Star Geno Smith (QB) Chris Ivory (RB) Bilal Powell (RB) Kellen Winslow (TE)
Honorable Mentions Winslow, Harrison, Wilkerson Powell, Walls, Holmes Davis, Hill, Smith Folk, Bohanon, Landry

Player Total First Stars Total Second Stars Total Third Stars
Nick Folk 1
Sheldon Richardson 1
Geno Smith 1
Demario Davis 1 1
Damon Harrison 1
Chris Ivory 1
Muhammad Wilkerson 1
Santonio Holmes 1
Bilal Powell 1 1
Kellen Winslow 1