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Conflicting Reports on Mark Sanchez

The will he, won't he saga continues.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports


Jets beat writer Brian Costello is now reporting that Sanchez is seeing Dr. James Andrew again, but is still undecided on surgery. We'll bring you more information as it comes.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------'s Ian Rapoport is reporting that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has decided to forgo rehab and have surgery on the torn labrum in his right shoulder.

Whether or not Sanchez had surgery, it appeared that his time with the New York Jets was over. Had he rehabbed, it was unlikely that we would've seen Sanchez at any point later this season, unless Geno Smith struggled that terribly.

It's all speculative at this point but at this point, it may be safe to say that Sanchez will be elsewhere in 2014. Where that will be is yet to be seen. Sanchez sure had his struggles in New York, but best wishes on a full recovery.