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Jets vs. Titans Defensive Snap Count

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Below are defensive snap totals for the Jets in yesterday's loss to the Tennessee Titans. Not a ton really jumps off the page here. It looks like Jaiquawn Jarrett took some snaps from Antonio Allen, who had been essentially a full time player early in the year. That's about it.

The first number you see is the total number of snaps played. The second number you see is the percentage of defensive snaps played.

D Landry SS 67 100%

D Harris LB 67 100%

A Cromartie CB 67 100%

M Wilkerson DE 66 99%

D Davis LB 65 97%

D Walls CB 60 90%

S Richardson DT 55 82%

C Pace LB 48 72%

Q Coples LB 45 67%

A Allen FS 41 61%

D Harrison NT 37 55%

G McIntyre LB 28 42%

K Wilson CB 26 39%

A Barnes LB 23 34%

J Jarrett FS 21 31%

K Ellis DT 12 18%

L Douzable DE 7 10%

E Lankster CB 2 3%