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New York Jets at Tennessee Titans Second Half Thread

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets trail 24-6 at halftime. Sometimes the score can be deceiving. That is not the case here. The Titans have been much, much better than the Jets.

If you are looking to sum up the first half, here's my best description. This game has all of the Jets miscues of last week with few of the big plays on both sides of the ball to make up for it. So far the worst Jet on the field has been Geno Smith, who has 3 turnovers, all of which were terrible to set up all three Titans touchdowns. To put it simply, he looked like Mark Sanchez in the first half.

The Jets need a miracle to pull this one out. Take out your frustrations and pray below. The normal rules apply. Neither ask for nor provide links to illegal broadcasts of the game. If you are subjecting your friends to a video feed of this game, you aren't much of a friend anyway.