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New York Jets at Tennessee Titans Game Thread

Frederick Breedon

The Jets can surprise the league today and start the 2013 season with a 3-1 record through the first quarter. To do that they have to win a road game against Tennessee. The Titans would be off to an equally surprising 3-1 start with a win.

It would be quite a contrast to the Jets' last trip to Tennessee. You might remember that was Week 15 last year, a game which officially eliminated the Jets from Playoff contention and arguably served as the final straw in Mark Sanchez's Jets career. Objectively speaking, last year's game put a pretty bad team out of its misery. It wasn't like the Jets were going anywhere anyway. More than anything, that game showed even the last diehards that the foundation was rotten and closed the curtain on an era in this team's history.

A win today would be something of an indication a new brighter era might be underway.

Leave your thoughts below. Don't ask for links to illegal broadcasts of the game. Don't provide them either.