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Scouting The 2014 Draft: 3 Round Mock

Here we are, hours away from our week 4 matchup against the Titans, and I am thinking mock drafts? What am I thinking? I will start out by saying where I have these guys going, is probably not where they will go in april. I can't even say for certain that all of these guys will elect to enter the draft. The only thing I can say, is that If we were to draft today, these are the guys I want.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Since it is late September, and nowhere close to April, I won't bore you with a 7 round mock, so I will only bore you with 4. If I had to guess where we will be picking in April, I would say somewhere between pick 16 and 20. Alright, let's get started.

- Round 1 -

Mike Evens, WR, Texas A&M

I love our young team, but our offense needs more playmakers. Holmes, Hill, and Kerley are a great base for this receiving core, but we need someone who teams will have fits trying to cover. Evens is a monster playmaker in every sense. If Geno is in trouble, Evens will get open and give him a chance. If we need to just throw it up to someone, the chances are, he will come down with it. Evens can bring a very physical presence to this receiving core.

- Round 2 -

Jared Abbrederis, WR, Wisconsin

This draft should be full of receiving talent for us. If we only take one, I could get upset. I have about 11 or 12 receivers that I love in the first 3 rounds. One of them is my man, Jared Abbrederis. This guy is a baller, plain and simple. He has the quickness to find the openings in any defense. He has the concentration and hands to make the big play. We can go to a receiving core with questions, to one of the youngest, and strongest receiving core in the NFL.

- Round 3 -

Ryan Groy, G, Wisconsin

We don't have many significant free agents in 2014, but we could be without two current starters on our O-line. Both Vlad and Colon are set to hit free agency. Before this year, I don't think anyone would care if Vlad left, but he has surprised a lot of us so far. It's a shame it took him this long to come into his own. I hope we keep at least one of these guys. I don't want to just give the starting job to Winters. I want him to earn it. The drafting of this beast of a man, will add depth, and talent to our O-line. I want competition! Give it to me!

- Round 3 -

C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa

Another position that will be hit by the free agency bug are the TEs. Cumberland and Winslow are holding down the fort, but we need to get better. C.J. here, would add a huge presence to our TEs. At 6'7", Fiedorowicz would be a huge presence on our offense. He can block like a lineman, he can be a redzone nightmare, and he can be a physical safety-net. I'll just throw this out there... Holmes, Hill, Evens, Kerley, Abbrederis, and Fiedorowicz

I feel like these additions will help give Geno exactly what he needs to roll on offense. All of a sudden, we could have an offense that matches our defense. Every starter on our defense will be returning next year. This is silly. We are 2-1, and fighting for a chance to be 3-1, and here I am, giddy about what 2014 can bring. Enjoy the game today guys.