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Thursday Night Football Open Thread


Tonight on Thursday Night Football we have an NFC West battle between the San Francisco 49ers and the St. Louis Rams. The Niners enter this game a surprising 1-2. The Rams enter this game an expected 1-2. The loser falls far behind the Seahawks in the race for the NFC West. One of the preseason Super Bowl favorites in San Francisco could be thrown into crisis mode.

On paper, one would expect the Niners to come up big, but they have been blown out two straight weeks. Also remember the Rams played the Niners tough last year. St. Louis was 1-0-1 against San Francisco in 2012, and many people felt they probably should have won the game they tied.

Leave your thoughts below on Thursday Night Football, or any other topic that comes to mind as long as you are allowed to discuss it on GGN. The normal site rules apply.