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NFL Week 4 Picks

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully you are sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, currently one of the two greatest restaurant chains in the world, as you read these picks.

NY Jets over Tennessee

Call me a homer.

San Francisco over St. Louis

If the Niners lose this one, I'll really start to worry.

Baltimore over Buffalo

The Ravens seemed to get back on track last week, while the Bills lost a second heartbreaker in three weeks. Both could be the kind of games that define the directions in which these teams are heading.

Arizona over Tampa Bay

My money is on Greg Schiano to be the first coach fired.

Pittsburgh over Minnesota

I don't think the Minnesota offense is equipped to give the Steelers the problems the Chicago offense did.

Kansas City over NY Giants

Last week's games made me believe the Chiefs are for real, and the Giants are not coming out of their tailspin.

Indianapolis over Jacksonville

I'd worry about a letdown effect with the Colts, but I just think the Jaguars are too bad to take advantage.

Houston over Seattle

In a battle of two good teams, I tend to gravitate to the team returning home focused after a difficult loss.

Cincinnati over Cleveland

I don't see the Browns putting together two straight strong games.

Detroit over Chicago

It's tough to win on the road in division.

Washington over Oakland

I hope the Redskins haven't fallen THIS far for their sake.

Denver over Philadelphia

The Broncos look like the best team in the NFL early, and they are going to start getting back key players who have been missing.

Dallas over San Diego

I can't figure Dallas out at all. I've picked every one of their games wrong. I'm done overthinking. I think they're better than San Diego so I pick them.

Atlanta over New England

This is a classic game where one contender needs it more than the other. Said contender also happens to be at home.

New Orleans over Miami

Team coming off a statement win going on the road. Beware.