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Jets vs. Bills Defensive Snap Count

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Below are defensive snap count totals for the Jets yesterday against the Bills.

What sticks out here is Dee Milliner's status. There were questions about whether he would be demoted after a rough first two weeks. The answer is yes. Milliner appears to have dropped to the number four cornerback spot and the number six defensive back. That seems like a sound move. Milliner did not look ready to take on a main role. He will still see the field. Certain opponents who like to spread the field and game situations will require six defensive backs. Milliner will just have less work and easier assignments. Whenever possible, it is not a bad idea to ease a rookie into the NFL. He handled his reduced role much better yesterday.

Kyle Wilson seems to have regained his starting job from Milliner. Expect him to hang onto it for next week. In series where he was not melting down with penalties, he was very effective.

It was interesting to see Sheldon Richardson's snap count down. The rookie had been playing the vast majority of the snaps the first two weeks. It isn't really a bad idea to keep him on a pitch count. He plays a demanding position, consistently getting double teams. He also is used to his season ending around Thanksgiving so him hitting the "rookie wall" is a concern. The Jets don't want to wear him out.

The left number is the total snaps played. The right number is the percentage of snaps played.

D Landry SS 86 100%

D Davis LB 86 100%

A Cromartie CB 85 99%

D Harris LB 84 98%

M Wilkerson DE 80 93%

C Pace LB 75 87%

K Wilson CB 73 85%

Q Coples LB 57 66%

A Allen FS 46 53%

A Barnes LB 46 53%

S Richardson DT 41 48%

D Harrison NT 40 47%

J Jarrett FS 39 45%

D Walls CB 28 33%

G McIntyre LB 23 27%

L Douzable DE 22 26%

D Milliner CB 22 26%

K Ellis DT 6 7%

I Trufant CB 3 3%

N Bellore LB 2 2%