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Jets vs. Bills Offensive Snap Count

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Below are the snap totals for Jets offensive players against the Bills.

As you can see, the return of Jeremy Kerley mercifully cut Clyde Gates' playing time. When one considers Kerley's return and how much better Santonio Holmes appeared to move yesterday than he had to this point, it was almost as though the Jets added two receivers to their lineup. While this team's receiving corps still is not great by NFL standards, this team is trotting out targets for its quarterback who at least have business seeing regular playing time in the NFL. It feels like two years since the Jets have been able to say that.

The number on the left is the number of snaps played. The number on the right is the percentage of offensive snaps played.

D Ferguson T 78 100%

W Colon G 78 100%

A Howard T 78 100%

N Mangold C 78 100%

G Smith QB 78 100%

V Ducasse G 77 99%

S Hill WR 71 91%

B Powell RB 63 81%

S Holmes WR 60 77%

K Winslow TE 51 65%

J Kerley WR 49 63%

J Cumberland TE 45 58%

T Bohanon FB 24 31%

A Green RB 10 13%

K Reuland TE 6 8%

E Gates WR 6 8%

C Ivory RB 4 5%

B Obomanu WR 1 1%

B Winters G 1 1%