Josh Gordon?

So many of you with Twitter probably saw this report. The Browns look like they are in the process of dismantling their entire team (who knows why). But they have now put Josh Gordon, who they picked up in the supplemental draft last year for a 2nd round pick. The Management "Wants Gordon Out" I read in another tweet. That could bode well for a team trying o trade for him. If the Browns are desperate to get rid of him, they might take anything.

Gordon is 22 Years Old and is 6"3. I have not seen him play much, but after seeing the game today, it also looks like he is very fast and has reliable hands. 10 Catches on the day with 145 yards and a TD.

I think adding him would be a solid move if it were for the right price. I think if a 4th or lower can get the job done than I pull the trigger immediately, we will most likely have draft picks to spare once we get our compensatories this offseason anyway. I think if Gordon is as good as he looked today (He probably is, his rookie stats looked very promising) than he would help this passing game alot. He could grow with Geno and give us 2 burners on the outside to go along with 2 solid slot guys in Kerely and Hill.

What do you guys think? After his performance today, would you deal for him? What would you give up?

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