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New York Jets Tweets of the Week: Volume 6

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I went back to posting every other tweets in blockquote format this week. Also, tell me the type of tweets you like and don't like. The way I do this is I favorite all the tweets I think are interesting throughout the week and then I chose which ones to put in the post. It'll be easier on me, and better for you, if know which ones tickle your fancy the most. Anyways, on to the tweets!

Jets-Patriots Brawl

Info from appeal. RT @alexandralarrow Why does the league impose the suspensions overturn them a couple days later? What changes?

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) September 18, 2013

Mangold said he was "concerned" when Aqib missed a practice and is relieved Talib's fine #jets

— Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) September 19, 2013


#Jets WR on comeback trail RT @Vidal_Hazelton7 3 weeks outta surgery and I got released from wearing my Crutches today. God is Great!!

— Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) September 18, 2013

Santonio said Kerley's injury played a role in his increased snaps vs. #Pats

— Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) September 18, 2013

Rex Ryan is 6-2 vs. the Bills, only 5-12 vs. the Patriots and Dolphins. #Jets

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) September 19, 2013

Rex opens his presser extending thoughts, prayers and condolences to the Coughlin family for their loss. #NYJ #NYG

— Chris Lopresti (@CLoprestiWFAN) September 19, 2013

Lal on Gates: "Clyde had an unfortunate game, but he was open. If he completes 2 out of the 4 [drops] we’re saying something different."

— Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) September 19, 2013

Check that last retweet from Brian Costello who spoke to WR coach Sanjay Lal today. Clyde Gates got behind defense numerous time vs. NE.

— Chris Lopresti (@CLoprestiWFAN) September 19, 2013

I understand the frustration and those who just want to run Gates out of town. Still, where are they getting better WR's from right now?

— Chris Lopresti (@CLoprestiWFAN) September 19, 2013

Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates have combined for 29 targets through 2 weeks...more than Winslow/Holmes/Kerley/Cumberland combined

— Joe Caporoso (@TurnOnTheJets) September 20, 2013

Santonio Holmes and Kellen Winslow relaxing side-by-side at their lockers having a lengthy and friendly chat. #NYJ #VeteranLove

— Chris Lopresti (@CLoprestiWFAN) September 20, 2013

Everybody forgetting the offseason that Gates had. My guess is Rex/Marty are betting the NE game was the aberration, not preseason.

— Da'Evan Whaley (@EvanWhaley) September 20, 2013

I would post all the negative tweets about Gates, but I think you can all guess what they would say. People can be pretty creative with the way they use their profanities though, so be sure to use your imagination.

Geno Smith

Asked re: Schefter report Simms could take over, Geno said: "I dont think they wouldve brought me in here if they didnt see the potential...

— Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) September 16, 2013

Geno says Sanchez's remarks about winning the competition are his opinion. Asked if he disagrees, he gives a "no comment."

— Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) September 16, 2013

Again, I don't think it's a necessity that #Jets say Geno's the starter. Reality: He's the starter until he proves he's not, regardless.

— Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) September 16, 2013

Now, if they turn to Simms, then we can bombard Geno w. questions re: the org's lack of confidence in him, etc. ...but it's Week 3 (!!!)

— Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) September 16, 2013

Rex: "I thought Geno looked extremely well throwing the football. I think we're dialing in."

— Kristian Dyer (@KristianRDyer) September 19, 2013

Marty says Geno is working "diligently" at getting rid of the ball quicker.

— Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) September 19, 2013

Marty: "Geno does have a high level of poise. ... He's strong mentally. Very strong young man." #Jets

— Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) September 19, 2013

Mark Sanchez

Sterling Sharpe on @NFLNetwork about what Jets should do with Sanchez when he gets off short-term IR: "You gotta give him the job back" #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) September 15, 2013

I’d agree with O’Hara, except Sanchez was in a similarly winnable game at TEN in 2012 and gave one of the worst QB performances of all time.

— Bart Hubbuch (@HubbuchNYP) September 17, 2013

Dee Milliner

Milliner said Cro has been talking to him, giving him pep-talks & keeping him "level-headed" #jets

— Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) September 16, 2013

Unlike a rookie QB ..... benching a rookie CB after a few rough games is acceptable. Let Milliner watch Walls do work for a few games. #Jets

— Drew (@DrewfromJersey) September 19, 2013

Beginning in May, Jets said Milliner would have to earn starting job. He didn't. Started anyway. That's ok. Idzik drafted a starter at No. 9

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) September 20, 2013

Does Manish even realize how much of a complete fool he sounds like recently? His tweets are pure comedy at this point.

— Deb (@LilMissNYJet) September 20, 2013

Our Old Friend Revis

Underplayed nugget that's actually big: per @MikeGarafolo, Darrelle Revis not happy with Greg Schiano's rules and lack of man coverage.

— Bob Glauber (@BobGlauber) September 16, 2013

What's going on Buc fans. Just to clear the smoke. I'm happy to be a Buccaneer & I'm happy to be a resident of Tampa.

— Darrelle Revis (@Revis24) September 17, 2013

Darrelle Revis: "I'm happy to be a Buc and a resident of Tampa." Translation: "I'm making $16 million with no state income tax."

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) September 17, 2013

Revis says he has no complaints w/ way is being used. Frustration over 0-2. More A Football Life Backstory 10pmet after documentary airs.

— Andrea Kremer (@Andrea_Kremer) September 17, 2013

Interesting interaction between Rex & Revis (via @nflnetwork) in pregame Wk1 . Quick handshake. Revis makes joke. Rex says nothing. #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) September 18, 2013

Rex did embrace Revis after the game and said something in his ear. That was nice to see. #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) September 18, 2013

Silliest thing I heard re: Revis after trade: Rex Ryan's defense made him great.... Bottom line: He's a superstar in any system on any team

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) September 18, 2013

Other Jets Related Tweets

Malone did have that 84-yard punt in the opener, but he ranks 28th in net average (37.1). #Jets

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) September 16, 2013

The Jets are No. 2 in total defense after Week 2 #nyj

— Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) September 17, 2013

Of all the NFL's rule changes, seems IR/designated to return is one of the best. Huge, huge help for #Falcons, #Jets, #49ers, #Patriots...

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) September 17, 2013

AFC East defensive passer ratings, through Week 2: Patriots—61.5 (2nd); Dolphins—62.4 (4th); Jets—69.6 (7th); Bills—77.9 (10th).

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) September 17, 2013

EJ said he had "quite a bit" of contact w #Jets pre-draft. Liked Rex a lot, thought #NYJ would have taken him.

— Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) September 18, 2013

#Jets have used 49 unique lineups on offense, fourth-most in the league. FWIW.

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) September 18, 2013

AFC East defensive pressure % through two games: Jets—28.4 %; Patriots—32.4 %; Bills—36.6 %; Dolphins—47.7 %. (via @PFF)

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) September 18, 2013

@ECStoner you see my numbers on Sheldon Richardson the other day? 50% of snaps at 3-tech in Jets "3-4" scheme

— Steve Palazzolo (@StevePalazzolo) September 18, 2013

Sacramento Kings being the only one behind the Jets.

Those ESPN rankings are based on a whole bunch of factors including ticket prices, ownership, title chances, stadium experience.

— Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) September 18, 2013

Sat down with Antonio Cromartie for our weekly segment says he's 100% for the 1st time in 5 weeks. #nyj #jets

— Jeane Coakley (@JeaneCoakley) September 18, 2013

Milliner and Cromartie rank 88th and 90th (out of 93 CBs) in pas cov. grade. Harris and Davis in the Top-10 overall grade among ILBs. #Jets

— Gonzalo Estradé (@PFF_Gonzalo) September 19, 2013

#Bills OTs have only given up 4 total pressures with no sacks while their OGs have surrendered 13 without sacks too.

— Gonzalo Estradé (@PFF_Gonzalo) September 19, 2013

One former Jets defensive player on Mike Pettine's departure: "A bunch of players didn't particularly care for him."

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) September 19, 2013

Coples swears this is the first time he's ever been injured. Feels good but leaving it up to trainers/doctors to decide on his return. #NYJ

— Chris Lopresti (@CLoprestiWFAN) September 19, 2013

I pointed out to Damon Harrison that @PFF has him graded as the best run stopping DT so far, he shrugged it off. Not buying his own hype....

— Chris Nimbley (@Cnimbley) September 19, 2013

Snacks was also extremely grateful for the time he got to spend w/ Sione Pouha last year, learned a lot from him & still keeps in touch...

— Chris Nimbley (@Cnimbley) September 19, 2013

#Jets ST coordinator Ben Kotwica says he thinks Ryan Quigley is here to stay as team's punter. Not a week-to-week deal.

— Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) September 19, 2013

"I don't know how he's doing it but he's done it," Rex Ryan said of Quinton Coples, who is probable for Bills after surgery a few weeks ago.

— Jane McManus (@janesports) September 20, 2013

Random Tweets

On D, coaches always talk about the importance of getting hits on the QB because it changes the way they play. Big Ben flinched on INT throw

— Bucky Brooks (@BuckyBrooks) September 17, 2013

Thanks for making me look like an idiot McKnight.

How weird is the NFL so far this year? Philip Rivers- the guy who runs like a baby giraffe- has more rushing yards (29) than RGIII (25).

— ChristopherDReed (@Chrisreed619) September 17, 2013

I have seen one of the PFF advanced reports. I won't give away any of their secrets, but those reports are legit.

— NFL Philosophy (@NFLosophy) September 17, 2013

Bucs fined $50K for their players' continuous illegal hits. No big deal? That's 2 low level scout salaries.

— NFL Philosophy (@NFLosophy) September 18, 2013

Coaching is not about having ideas, it's about relaying them. Every scheme in football history has had success somewhere. All About Teaching

— Steve Palazzolo (@StevePalazzolo) September 18, 2013

Fan logic is different than team logic. I can't express that enough.

— NFL Philosophy (@NFLosophy) September 18, 2013

Mike Holmgren on Browns: "If I was the coach and someone came in and did that, [my response would be] 'OK. Fire me.'"

— Dave Softy Mahler (@Softykjr) September 19, 2013

Good for Arian Foster! I hope he got paid — a lot. And all of his Tennessee teammates, too. The NCAA and its sham amateurism rule suck.

— Bart Hubbuch (@HubbuchNYP) September 20, 2013