Goodson brings exactly what we need.

Mike Goodson hasn't been released for a reason, speed. Marty can draw up plays to put our backs in space against LBs, but can our RB make the LB miss and pick up extra yards? So far, no. With Goodson, our Reggie Bush, we have the threat of big plays off screens and check downs. This dimension opens the offensive playbook a little wider. Also, this will be Geno's comfort zone, considering how he made a college career out of big plays from short passes and screens to dynamic players with speed and elusiveness. With Chris Ivory showing he can fill the shoes of a ground and pound back, Goodson gives our offense the ability to hit home runs from the slightest error from the defense. Powell has done well, but he doesn't pose a threat to go the distance, which gives the defense the flexibility to double cover their players of choice. Idzik's plan is falling in place.

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