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NFL Week 3 Picks

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets over Buffalo

I'm a homer this week. These teams are mirror images in many ways. This just feels like the classic case of the team coming off the frustrating loss coming home refocused against the team riding a little too high after a dramatic win going on the road.

Philadelphia over Kansas City

The Chiefs did a great job avoiding mistakes against the Cowboys, but they're going to have to make big plays against the high flying Eagles. If they win this one, I'll become a big believer.

Houston over Baltimore

I really don't like how the Ravens have started the year.

NY Giants over Carolina

The Giants receiving corps against a depleted Carolina secondary would seem to spell good things for the other New York team.

Green Bay over Cincinnati

I don't think Andy Dalton is ready to trade touchdowns with Aaron Rodgers.

St. Louis over Dallas

The Rams showed me a lot the way they fought back against Atlanta last weekend. This also feels like the perfect time for an inexplicable Cowboys home loss.

Minnesota over Cleveland

Watching your management give up on the season two weeks in has to be deflating in the Cleveland locker room.

Tampa Bay over New England

Yeah, I'm making this prediction. New England's offense was really troubling last week. The Bucs might be 0-2, but they are literally two plays from being 2-0. The Pats are two plays away from being 0-2. That's the way the NFL is. The gap between good teams and bad teams isn't really as big as people think. I think the Bucs have more talent on their roster right now and shock the Pats.

New Orleans over Arizona

It seems like this one has letdown written all over it for Arizona.

Tennessee over San Diego

These teams both look surprisingly frisky through two weeks. I'm just not sure the Chargers have a second straight 10:00 AM road win in them.

Detroit over Washington

The Redskins have the same suspect defense they had a year ago, but the difference-making quarterback is nowhere to be found.

Miami over Atlanta

Bad news, folks. The Dolphins looked like they were for real last week.

Seattle over Jacksonville

This might be the worst team in the league visiting the best team in the league.

San Francisco over Indianapolis

Tough spot for the Colts going on the road to face an angry Niners team. I just cannot see San Francisco playing that poorly two straight weeks.

Chicago over Pittsburgh

Steelers fans look like they're in for the kind of season we know too well.

Denver over Oakland

If I don't think Andy Dalton is ready to trade touchdowns with Aaron Rodgers, I KNOW Terrelle Pryor is not ready to trade touchdowns with Peyton Manning.